Extra Curricular

Trinity Christian School offers students many opportunities to get involved in a variety of extra curricular activities throughout the school year. All of the activities are designed to encourage close interaction with their peers while building strong Christian character.

National Honor Society

The National Honor Society and Junior National Honor Society are service organizations designed to recognize those students in grades 7-12 who have achieved all A and B semester grades and have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0. They also must possess high moral character, be involved in service activities in our community, and demonstrate leadership capabilities. A high scholastic average alone does not qualify the student for admission to either honor society. Students are selected for the NHS and Jr. NHS by a Faculty Council, who consider these four areas when selecting members; grades, leadership, service, and character. Membership in this society is one of the highest recognitions bestowed on deserving High School and Junior High School students.

Student Council

The TCS Student Council acts to promote, support, and carry out school-wide activities that serve to build school morale and honor the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Student Council is responsible for establishing a cultural and spiritual environment throughout the school that promotes students pride in their school and accentuates the “Christian” in Trinity Christian School. Members aid in school-wide discipline by being examples of Christ, praying for the entire student body, and applying peer pressure and peer governance to those students who do not uphold the Christian and academic standards of TCS. The Student Council acts as a communication bridge between the school administration and the student body. Student Council officers are elected each Spring and Class Representatives are elected in the Fall to join them and form the entire Student Council.

Senior Missions Trip

Every senior at Trinity Christian School is required to participate in the Senior Missions Trip. Each year our seniors travel to a city or country where a missions program is currently in operation. The students prepare human videos, games, mini-sermons, skits and other special presentations which are used to reach the lost and encourage believers in those areas. Every year there are many who come to Christ through this wonderful outreach. Perhaps the greatest results of these trips are the life changes created in our students. The seniors experience, some for the very first time, the thrill of sharing the love of Christ with others who are much less fortunate than themselves. The Senior Class goes through a tremendous bonding process that builds a cohesive and productive group that can powerfully minister to the children and adults of that area.

Fine Arts

Trinity Christian School has a history of quality Fine Arts programs. From band, choir and drama to journalism, public broadcasting and computer communications, students at Trinity have a wide variety of Fine Arts activities in which to participate.

Our band program ranges from beginner band in elementary to the performance band in High School. The intermediate and High School bands compete in competitions at TPSMEA and at Sandy Lake.

Our choral music program begins in preschool and elementary which each produce exciting quality productions each year. Our Middle School and High School choirs go to local and state TPSMEA competitions as well as fun competitions at Sandy Lake Park.

The TCS award winning art department produces state-recognized student artists every year in potter, photography, painting, sketching, etc… Tcs offers a full creative suite for artistic expression that has made it the envy of our sister schools.

Academic Competition

Trinity Christian School is a member of TAPPS and competes as a TAPPS 4A school for most of our athletic and academic competitions. Our High School competes at the district and state level for many different types of academic competitions including math, science, drama, prose, yearbook, current events, as well as other areas. We have what is believed to be one of the finest art programs in the state and regularly place students in the top awards for art, pottery and art history.

We are accredited through ACSI which also provides art, athletics, and academic opportunities for competition. Each year, top elementary and middle school students are sent to compete in math, grammar and spelling competitions at the regional and state levels.


Trinity Christian School Homecoming is held in October during football season. Spirit Week is the week before the Homecoming game and includes: theme days, poster and giant banner decorating. Every grade level gets involved. The week culminates in alumni activities including an alumni basketball and football game. The Homecoming varsity game is the highlight and includes the crowning of the High School Homecoming court at half-time. It is a major school event that provides a great time for all.

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