Curriculum – Fourth Grade Skills Emphasis

Language Arts

Shurley Language

  • Strong emphasis on sentence structure including identifying parts of sentence (subject, verb, adverb, adjective, preposition, conjunctions, interjections, etc.)
  • Capitalization and punctuation of sentences
  • Regular and irregular verbs and their tenses
  • Dictionary skills
  • Writing: writing process, journal writing, expository writing, 1st and 3rd person point of view, persuasive writing, descriptive writing, narrative writing, story elements

History & Geography:

  • Texas History (1/2 year)- ABeka American History (1/2 year)
  • Map studies
  • The Years of Discovery
  • The First Americans
  • The New England Colonies
  • The Middle and Southern Colonies
  • Colonial Life
  • The Great Awakening
  • The French and Indian War
  • The American War for Independence
  • Building a New Nation
  • The Civil War
  • New Frontiers
  • An Age of Progress
  • The World Wars
  • Time for Freedom and Responsibility

Science (ABeka):

  • Plants
  • Insects
  • Birds
  • Matter
  • Energy
  • Geology
  • Oceanography
  • Astronomy
  • Health: Body framework, muscles, respiratory system, personal hygiene, interpersonal relationships


  • Factors of whole numbers
  • Multiples of any number
  • Whole numbers defined
  • Even and odd numbers
  • Unit conversions
  • Metric and English scales
  • Using greater and less than symbols for whole numbers and Fractions
  • Identify place value through the millions
  • Order of operations in basic math concepts
  • Reading scales such as thermometers and speedometer
  • Rounding whole numbers through thousands’
  • Roman numerals through 39
  • Addition up to 4-10 places with regrouping
  • Subtraction up to 4-6 digits with regrouping
  • Multiplication facts through 12’s
  • Multiplication up to 3-digit by 2-digit
  • Division up to 4-digit by 1-digit with or without remainders
  • Use exponents
  • Identify square roots of perfect squares
  • Read decimal numbers to the tenths and hundredths
  • Change decimals to fractions and mixed numbers
  • Add and subtract decimals to the hundredths’
  • Find percent of a whole

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