Curriculum – First Grade Skills Emphasis

Language Arts
Phonics and Reading:

  • Review of vowels, consonants, blends, one- and two- vowel words, consonant blends
  • Recognition and use of all phonics special sounds in reading
  • Spelling rules: doubling consonants, dropping silent e, changing y to i
  • Oral reading

Manuscript writing:

  • Review of letter formation
  • Daily seatwork practice in all academic areas


  • Capitalization of first word in a sentence, proper names, days of the week, and months of the year
  • Correct punctuation at the ends of sentences
  • Recognition of complete sentences
  • Words using suffixes, prefixes, syllables, compound words, rhyming words, opposite words, same meaning words, and contractions
  • Alphabetizing of words
  • Writing complete sentences and short stories
  • Creative writing

Social Studies:

  • This is My America
  • My America’s Flag
  • My America’s Freedom
  • Symbols of My America
  • Great People of America
  • My America Grows
  • My America Talks
  • My America Travels
  • My America is Beautiful
  • My America Sings
  • This is My World: Mexico, Peru, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, England, the Netherlands, Norway, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Israel, Egypt, India, China, Australia, Guam, American Samoa


  • Discovering Myself
  • Discovering My Toys
  • Discovering Animals
  • Discovering Insects
  • Discovering Plants
  • Discovering Seasons


  • Review all skills introduced in K5
  • Count by 2’s, 25’s, and 100’s
  • Count by 10’s from any number
  • Read and write numbers to 1000
  • Compare and order numbers to 100
  • Identify how many more or less
  • Identify one more, one less, ten more, ten less
  • Identify the value of a digit in a number
  • Identify place value to hundreds’
  • Identify ordinal position to the sixth
  • Identify evens and odds
  • Identify pairs
  • Identify properties of addition and multiplication
  • Identify multiples, factors, products, addends, sums, differences, quotients, dividends, and divisors
  • Identify numbers and patterns on a hundred number chart
  • Draw pictures and write number sentences to solve story problems
  • Use mental computation and estimation strategies
  • Recognize the relationship between operations
  • Master basic addition facts
  • Identify missing addends for sums of 10
  • Add 10 to a two-digit number
  • Add two multi-digit numbers with or without regrouping
  • Add three or more single-digit numbers
  • Master basic subtraction facts
  • Subtract 10 from a two-digit number
  • Check subtraction answers
  • Find half of a set
  • Identify and count pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollars
  • Name and draw polygons
  • Construct and name line segments
  • Identify angles
  • Identify geometric solids
  • Measure and draw line segments to the nearest centimeter
  • Measure using feet
  • Identify equivalent customary and metric linear units
  • Estimate the weight of objects
  • Weigh objects using non-standard units
  • Find the volume of containers in cups
  • Identify gallon, liter, and quart
  • Compare temperatures
  • Read and represent time to the half hour
  • Create and read a bar graph
  • Write observations from a graph

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