The academic program for Trinity Christian Junior High School is designed to challenge students, develop good study habits and prepare the student for further study on the high school level. The middle school includes students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. TCS is accredited by the Association of Christian Teachers and Schools. This accreditation is recognized by the State of Texas. The academic program and curriculum present a well-rounded education. All classes are Bible based and Christocentric in presentation.


Sixth Grade

The sixth grade English and grammar programs focuses on two major areas.
First is the issue of grammatical study of nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, prepositions, conjunctions and sentences as well as providing practice with reference skills. The curriculum focuses on understanding of parts of speech and proper grammatical uses to provide a basis for further writing skills in later grades. Second, the sixth grade curriculum focuses on development and perfecting of reading skills. This is accomplished through the Advanced Reading Program (AR). The advanced reading program encourages students to choose appropriate works of literature and then measures comprehension through a series of exams given via computer. Tremendous results have been seen as sixth graders are encouraged to expand their reading selections and thus their reading skills and understanding.

Seventh & Eighth Grade

The seventh and eighth grade student is exposed to each of the four major areas of English study and thus builds upon the sixth grade curriculum to form a complete program. Each unit includes studies in literature, composition, grammar and vocabulary development. Students will learn to think critically, think correctly and write in such a way that one’s ideas are expressed thoroughly.

Social Studies

Sixth Grade

Sixth grade history focuses upon lands, people, and cultures of ancient civilizations and how Christianity played an important role in their development. Special attention is given to the history of Egypt, Israel, China, Greece, Africa, Mayas, and well as the Roman world and the middle ages.

Seventh Grade

The Texas History course is designed to expose students to the people, places, and events that hold historical significance regarding the development of Texas. Forces that have shaped Texas’ cultural, topographical and political landscapes are taught in detail.

Eighth Grade

The World Geography course is designed to expose students to the people and places found in God’s earth. The curriculum focuses upon students learning and appreciating the earth, its people and its features.


Sixth Grade

Sixth grade math continues the development of the skills necessary for future development of higher arithmetical processes. Particular attention is paid to mastery of basic skills and concepts upon which future study will build.

Seventh Grade

Seventh grade math is a pre-algebra course. The curriculum introduces the student to algebraic concepts in preparation for further study.

Eighth Grade

Eighth grade math is Algebra 1. This class is equivalent to the Algebra 1 high school course offered in public high schools. It prepares the student for the exploration of higher mathematics courses during the high school years.


Sixth Grade

The sixth grade science curriculum give the student the understanding of God’s creation through subjects that include matter and energy, study of the earth, force and motion, and the nervous and immune systems.

Seventh and Eighth Grade

The seventh and eighth grade curriculum is Life Science. Students are given an overview of science and its relationship to God’s Word. Studies include illustrated texts with life processes of organisms, genetics, and the origins of life from a biblical perspective. Students are also taught concepts in microbiology, plant biology and zoology along with a look at ecosystems. Next year, the curriculum will change for the eighth grade to focus upon space and earth science.


In addition to Bible being integrated into academic subjects, the Bible is taught as a core class. Subjects addressed throughout the junior high school years include making godly choices, developing Christian character, learning scriptures and applying scriptural principles to problems faced by today’s teens.

Physical Education

Each junior high school student is required to participate in physical education each day. The focus of the class is to develop healthy, active life styles in students that can be carried into later life experiences. Teachers attempt to introduce the students to a variety of sports and physical activities.


Each junior high school student is given an opportunity to choose various elective classes. These classes are designed to give the student an introduction and exposure to various disciplines. Elective classes include Art, Band, Choir, Introduction to Computers, and Study Skills.

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