High School Opening Protocols


Over the last several weeks the administration of TCS has been formulating the school’s guidelines to ensure that all students will be safe as we begin the new school year on August 24. TCS is committed to provide your students with a safe environment in which they can learn and grow. Please be assured that TCS will meet and exceed all guidelines provided by the state of Texas and by the CDC. Below is a brief summary of the steps the school is taking as we anticipate the unique 2020-21 academic year with which we are faced. At the end of the note you will find attached a more detailed description of the policies that the administration, faculty, and staff will be effectuating. 

  • TCS has purchased face shields for every faculty member and all students in 6th-12th grades. These face shields will be worn at all times by all students and faculty members. The shields are comfortable and will enhance the learning environment. 
  • TCS has designed a staggered pick-up/drop-off schedule for students to ensure that social distancing is maintained. 
  • All students will be assigned desks in each class. Students may not use other students’ desks. 
  • All classroom furniture will be wiped down with disinfectant at the end of each period throughout the school day. 
  • All classrooms will be deep cleaned at the close of each school day.  Furniture and desks in the classrooms will be socially distanced to the greatest degree possible. 
  • There will be no more than four students allowed at each table during the lunch periods to observe social distancing. Seniors may leave campus each day for lunch with written permission from a parent or guardian. 
  • Parents will not be allowed to enter the dining hall to have lunch with their students. Parents may check out their student and take them to lunch off campus. 
  • Sixth grade students will have lunch in their classroom each day. All other grades will have staggered lunches. 
  • Entrance into the school building will be limited to TCS faculty and staff. All parents must call ahead and make appointments to enter the building. All persons that enter the school building will have their temperature taken before being allowed to enter. 
  • The temperature of each student will be taken and logged as they enter the building each day. 
  • The students involved in Extended Care will be divided into multiple rooms to allow appropriate social distancing. Extended Care students will be walked to the parents’ cars by one of the school employees upon arrival to retrieve the students. 
  • Each classroom will have hand sanitizer available. Students will take periodic “hand-washing breaks” throughout the day. 
  • There will be changes to the Upper School Schedule. All core classes will be taught Monday through Thursday. Friday will offer electives, languages, and enrichment opportunities for students. Parents may choose for students to attend these classes on campus or at home on-line. 

Several parents have asked about an on-line option for the coming school year. In an effort to provide a quality, Christ-centered education for the students, the following plan has been designed.

  • On-line school classes will begin on August 31 for students. The teachers will record lectures, activities, instructions, projects, assignments, and assessments in each subject area for each day.
  • Each Friday afternoon the teachers’ instructions and assignments for the students will be made available for the following week. All assignments must be completed and submitted to the teacher electronically by the following Friday afternoon.
  • The teacher will establish a schedule and be available to individual students at designated times each week for personalized instruction and tutoring.
  • If families choose to do so, the students may participate in all school activities such as the annual Christmas program, field trips, field days, etc. 

If a family chooses the on-line option for their students to begin the school year, they must commit to continue with on-line instruction for a full term (one grading period). At the end of each term the family may choose to remain with the on-line option or choose to transition to on-campus classes. 

The cost for the on-line instruction will include the following: 

  • Enrollment Fee: $175.00 
  • Junior High Tuition: $399.00/month 
  • High School Tuition: $415.00/month 

There will be an additional expense for the purchase of curricula. Curricula may be purchased from the school or parents can purchase the books from a third party. These costs will vary depending on the student’s grade level and subject material. No tuition discounts will be applied for on-line tuition. 

If the on-line option best serves your family, please complete the re-enrollment application and choose the homeschool option. If you have already re-enrolled for on-campus classes and have interest in the on-line option, please call Rosanne Hennesy at the school. 

I realize that this note contains a great deal of information and that questions may arise. Please feel free to contact me directly via email at mhennesy@trinitychristianschool.com. You may also call the school and speak to Rosanne Hennesy or Neisha Byrd.